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Best Ceiling Fan Designs

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Choosing a ceiling fan can be overwhelming, we’re here to help by breaking down our picks for the best ceiling fan designs.

Best Ceiling Fan Designs


One of the most popular fans for Craftmade Craftmade Winton Ceiling FanInternational is the Winton 56” in Weathered Pine.

The wood detail and finish of this model is a favorite among designers. It has that type of versatility that could be used in a room design from traditional, to farm house, to a more transitional use.

One selling feature is the other lighting items that match this fan from the Winton collection. There are pendants of all sizes, wall sconces, and a dozen different chandeliers to match. So you could definitely carry the theme into other rooms should you choose to do so.

The Winton fan is available in an Aged Bronze finish and includes 5 solid wood fan blades finished in Weathered Pine. This fan includes an 8” down rod, however that can be adjusted.

The overall height for this fan is 22.57” including the 8” down rod. The overall width for this fan including the blades is 56”. It includes a handheld remote control as well as a wall control that has 6 speeds, on/off and dimming options.

The fan can be mounted on a sloped or angled ceiling and is indoor rated.

Craftmade is a very good company and backs up all it’s products, especially fans, with an excellent warranty.

MONTE CARLOMonte Carlo Prairie 62 Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Fan Co. has come out with some very attractive fans this last year. Our favorite is the Prairie 62.

Very similar to the already proven and popular Windmill Fan from Quorum, this fan is sure to be just as big of a hit.

It’s a 62″ diameter fan boasting 14 blades, yes, 14 blades!

Light colored wood has been a theme among designers this year and we love the combination of the light colored distressed grey weathered oak blades against the Aged Pewter housing.

This fan is rated for outdoor damp locations like a covered patio or deck area but could also be used indoors.

The motor has 6 speeds and is reversible. It includes a 15 watt led bulb built in to the bottom of the fan motor and can also be capped for non light use. A handheld remote is shipped with the fan.

This fan can be ordered from Amazon with Prime shipping, which is a good option because you may incur freight charges from other online dealers, because of the size.


KICHLERKichler Kyte Ceiling Fan

One of our favorite new fans is the Kyte, from Kichler Lighting. This fan is cool!

The motor is mounted directly to the ceiling instead of incorporated into the body, like most fans. Because of this, the fan can only be mounted on a flat surface.

The very sleek blades are attached to two poles that extend down from the motor which creates a very minimalist look. Kichler’s goal was to simulate the look of a wind turbine with this design.

In our opinion what makes this one of our top ceiling fan picks is that it doesn’t look like a ceiling fan at all. If you had this in your home it would be a conversation piece…and keep you cool at the same time.

Some of the technical features include:

  • 16 degree pitch on the blades
  • 50″ blade sweep
  • 4 speed wall control included
  • optional hand held remote available
  • Indoor rated
  • 28 lbs hanging weight
  • 153mm x 20 mm AC motor
  • Comes in three finishes – Nickel with White Walnut Blades, Nickel with Black Blades and Natural Bronze with Walnut Blades

Price is $487.80 on Amazon from numerous dealers.

FANIMATIONFanimation Odyn Ceiling Fan

Our top pick from Fanimation in 2018 is the Odyn 84. Reason, it’s huge!

Larger fans have gained in popularity over the last few years and this is about as large as we’ve ever seen for residential application. There are several models in the 60-72″ range but 84″ is pretty unique.

This fan is also wet rated for outdoor use. Which means you could use this on a large outdoor porch or patio area, expanding it’s versatility.

Some of the specs on the fan:

  • 6 Speed DC motor, very efficient
  • Remote Control included, with reverse
  • Light kit included, 18 watt led. Can be used or capped for non light use
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Moves an amazing 11,190 cubic feet of air per minute!
  • Comes in several finishes

The fan pictured on the right is $544 from Amazon.

CASABLANCACasablanca Wisp Ceiling Fan White

Casablanca has been a leader in the fan industry for decades. Our top pick from them is the 59284 52” Wisp.

A simple 3 blade design, the Wisp is a perfect choice for a slight retro but contemporary look in your home.

The Wisp is an indoor rated fan that includes an led light, universal handheld remote control, and will adjust to 4 different speeds. The led light is an 18 watt dimmable bulb, and is included.

The Direct Drive reversible motor included with this fan is unmatched when it comes to power, noise and reliability. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty by a company that’s been in the fan business for over 125 years!

The Wisp is available in 3 different finishes; White, Bronze and Nickel. With 2 sizes available, a 52″ for bigger rooms, and 44″ for smaller areas.

We love the curvature of the blades and how they flow seamlessly into the body. The 16 degree blade pitch is optimized to ensure ideal air movement and peak performance, so feeling cool will not be an issue.

HUNTERHunter Vault Ceiling Fan Black and Brass

Our top pick for 2018 from Hunter Fan Co. is the Vault.

This is a first of its kind caged ceiling fan. It features a metal cage that surrounds a 30″ fan built inside, creating a contemporary fan design that we’ve never seen before.

We especially love the Matte Black and Modern Brass version. The cage that surrounds the black metal cylinder is colored in a Modern Brass that really makes the cage “pop”. It’s subtle details like that make designing around a fan critical.

It is mounted using a down rod system so using this fan on an angled ceiling is not an issue. Air movement is very good because of the 13 degree blade pitch and the Whisperwind motor. The fan has three speeds and is reversible from the included hand held remote.

There is a light kit available should you need one. It is a 9.8 Watt LED dimmable bulb, and can be controlled from the remote control.

Hunter motors, being part of the Casablanca brand, are backed by their lifetime warranty and a 125 years of excellence.

Available from numerous dealers on Amazon Prime.


QUORUMQuorum Windmill Ceiling Fan

Our selection from Quorum International is the Windmill.

This was an easy selection as this is Quorum’s most popular fan and has been very difficult for them to keep in stock. This year they expanded the selection within the family to include some smaller sizes, capturing much more flexibility in the market.

Introduced as a 72″ large fan, they have added a 60″, 52″ and now a 44″ to the family. We love that they decided to expand the line as the larger sizes were pretty limited in the areas to be used. Smaller and more standard sizes like the 52″ and 44″, open possibilities to almost every room of the house.

Another thing we love is that they offer it in outdoor versions as well. So you take the amazing look into your outdoor space like a patio or deck.

The Windmill comes in 2 finishes, Galvanized and Oiled Bronze. There are light kits available for them that are Windmill specific, so make sure you get the correct one if you order, not every light kit will fit on this fan.

The look of the fan with 15 blades is unbelievable! It is so unique and breathtaking to look at in person. Initially it has that farm house feel to the design, but you quickly realize that this can be used in more than that type of setting. We have seen this used in a more contemporary modern design scheme, and it looks pretty amazing!

Amazon prime is a great way to save on shipping costs for this fan. It is a large heavy box!


MATTHEWS FAN COMPANYMatthews Fan Ruthiane Ceiling Fan

Matthews Fan has always had unique designs and this year we’ve chosen the AR Ruthiane.

Rotational fans are not new to the market, so the special thing about this fan is not that, its the finish options. The Ruthiane is available in 20 different finishes! Don’t get us wrong, we love the design! The hourglass shaped center motor and the bullet shaped heads are stunning. But to have the option of ordering a fan in purple…now that’s awesome!

There are two very good reasons to buy a rotational fan.
1. The fan heads can be infinitely positioned for a better cooling affect.
2. They circulate heat and air conditioning more efficiently than a standard fan.

Safety cages are optional, and should the fan be mounted high enough you would not need them. Honestly I think it looks really good on the fan regardless if you need them or not. You can also order the fan to be outdoor damp rated for a deck or patio installation.




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