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Chandelier Lighting trends & styles change every year, we’re here to keep you up to date on what’s new and in style right now for 2018!


“SOFT” GOLDCapital Lighting Ellis Chandelier Brushed Gold "Gold Finish"

One the greatest leaps in design for the lighting industry has been color. The change comes with the slight variance of finishes that you’ve seen forever, like gold. Soft Gold has been one of the best selling finishes for 2018 and continues to get even more popular.

Even older finishes are back in style like polished brass and antique brass.  These decades old finishes have been re-made into some stunning options that are easily incorporated into any design scheme.

One of our favorites is the Brushed Gold finish from Capital Lighting. It’s a gorgeous mix of a soft gold tone and silver. Capital has numerous chandelier collections in this finish, as well as mirrors and other lighting products to match. So you can really design a whole room around this gorgeous color.

Doing a quick designer search around social media, you’ll quickly notice how much these soft gold colors are being used. It’s not just in lighting either, it’s being used everywhere in the home from the kitchen to bathrooms to bedrooms. Tip: Social media, especially Instagram and Pinterest, is a fantastic way to see exactly what’s happening in the designer world. If you need to get inspiration for a design this is place to go.

 ANTIQUEArteriors Home Chandelier Antique Brass "Antique Brass"

The chandelier pictured on the left is an updated  designer antique brass finish from Arteriors Home. This type of antique finish is not quite as harsh or flashy as a polished brass or polished gold color, but has enough of a “pop” to make it standout in any room. As you can see by the photo, this color and style could be mixed with any design scheme from traditional to modern.

Mixing design, colors and shapes seems to be a common theme among designers this year. Don’t be scared if you like a gold or Antique finish on a chandelier, give it a try, it may just work perfectly!

This chandelier is the very essence of what designers are using now. The starburst pattern is so unique and eye catching that it truly becomes a conversation piece and the center of a room design.


Of all finishes for the year, this may be the most wideQuorum Salento Chandelier Persian White Finish "Off White"ly used. As you take a look around Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, you’ll notice a common theme, white. There has definitely been a home design fashion craze with everything white these last couple years. White kitchens, white walls, white cabinets, oh and white chandeliers. More popular then the stark or bright white is the off white or “soft” white.

By far one of the best sellers would be the Persian White finish from Quorum International, and specifically the Salento Family in that finish, pictured right.  Persian white has been around for a few years now but it keeps going strong and I think will continue for quite some time. This chandelier has been popular because of its versatility. You could use this chandelier anywhere from a farmhouse chic setting to something more traditional.

We are also seeing quite a few chandeliers and light fixture manufacturers that are mixing white with other finishes like gold or silver, as a two tone finish. One example is the Luna family from Crystorama (click the link to see a photo). This chandelier features a white outer finish with a gold or silver tone on the inside of the orb rings. The offsetting finishes create quite a dramatic look, something designers love.

NATURAL FINISHESMaxim Bahama Pendant Light "Natural"

One thing we are really loving this year is all the natural finishes and materials being used. Materials like rope, bamboo, wood and string, give chandeliers such an organic and relaxing feel. These materials have their own naturally occurring colors and texture, making the lighting in your home more interesting to look at.

The photo on the left shows a Maxim brand pendant, made from a hemp string material. It has a gorgeous soft brown finish, mixed with some contemporary accents like the white glass and the aircraft cables its suspended by. This style of pendant could fit in numerous rooms from a traditional setting to a little more contemporary. Top designers are always looking for a way to make the lighting standout, and going with something unique like this definitely accomplishes that.

CHROMEMitzi chandelier "chrome"

One finish that will never go completely out of style is Chrome. Chrome definitely has it’s place firmly planted in the modern design concept and continues to evolve into different types of lighting and chandeliers. There has been a lot of new chrome finishes that have emerged over the last couple years. Some of the common names to look for would be Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, or Antique nickel, which are just a little different than the standard chrome you’re used to.

A little hard to explain, it’s easier to compare these finishes next to one another to see the slight differences. Visiting a local lighting showroom or big box store can go a long way in determining what chrome finish you want to go with.

The chandelier on the right is from Hudson Valley and their Mitzi line. Such a simple design but with a high end designer look. We would love to see this chandelier over an island in a kitchen, or over a table in a stylish and modern dining nook or dining room.





Following a lot of high end designers we pick up on a few things. One of those is the surge in using natural and organic materials. Lighting manufacturers have noticed as well and are creating pieces from these natural materials like hemp, linen, straw and cotton, just to name a few.

Having just gone through a personal kitchen remodel recently, we selected a pendant from Maxim Lighting made out of Hemp rope, pictured right. It ties in perfectly with our kitchen design and adds such a soft pop of color against the white cabinets. We love the added texture that the rope brings in to the room. What do you think?


Capital Lowell Pendant Light "Wood Bead"


Beads are very popular right now in chandelier design.  This popular trend, which we think is still in beginning phases, shows no signs of slowing down. Every 6 months manufacturers release new products and there seems to be more and more choices with beading. It’s not limited to wood either, there are quite a few options with metal and also glass. There is something about the beads that designers are going crazy for.

For instance, this Lowell chandelier from Capital Lighting has a few of the top design trends built right in. First, the orb shape has been popular for a few years now but is still going strong. Second, the wood beading around the entire sphere adds some amazing texture and feel. Third, the soft gold finish, very popular and versatile. All three of these have been put together to create that must have look for the year.

Feiss Adan chandelier Burnished Wood "Wood"WOOD

Not too long ago the only time you would see a wood chandelier was in a cabin or rustic setting, but not anymore. With technology and the advancement of materials in the lighting industry, has come the ability to create lighting that looks like wood, even though it may not be.

The Murray Feiss chandelier pictured on the right is part of their Adan collection. We love this chandelier for a few reasons. 1. The wood finish looks amazing.
2. They’ve incorporated some wood beading, which at the moment is really hot in the marketplace. 3. We love the linen shade. Not only is it a very relaxing finish but it hides the light source, creating a soft , warm glow of light, accentuating the wood tones above and below the shade. This is the type of chandelier that the top interior designers go crazy for.



Kichler Armstrong Natural Brass "Brass"


The shape of chandeliers is also evolving, setting free designers, and the do it yourself designers, to be imaginative with chandelier selection. This year has seen some awesome shapes that really create a piece of art, not just a chandelier.

One of the top trends we are seeing is chandeliers with multiple arms in more contemporary patterns. For instance, the Armstrong family from Kichler, pictured left, which comes in a Chrome or Natural brass finish. This chandelier has a very modern feel in the chrome finish and would be limited in location and style of the home its being used in. However, select this same chandelier in the Natural Brass finish and suddenly it becomes a transitional piece that can be used in several different design schemes. Sometimes just changing the finish to something a bit more soft can widen the application immensely. Designers get very creative with the ways they mix different textures, finishes, and styles. Again, don’t be afraid to mix and get creative yourself, it will work.

Some of the other top shapes trending for 2018 are; Starburst (see photo above from Arteriors Home), Straight multi-arm, Orb or Sphere and Drum shades.

WHAT ABOUT LIGHT BULBS?Westinghouse Vintage Light Bulb G40 "Vintage Bulb"

I can’t stress enough how much a light bulb can change the look of your chandelier. In fact, sometimes all you need is to change out your light bulbs to a new style instead of purchasing a new chandelier.

One trend that keeps gaining steam is the vintage style light bulbs. The bulbs mimic the old style light bulbs that had very unique and beautiful filaments. They come in a lot of styles including tall, short, round, torpedo and candle shape. The color of the lamp is also a little different. Instead of a plain clear glass they put a amber or antique tint to it, which just adds to the ambiance.

Play around with the light bulbs in your current chandelier, you will be amazed at how much it will change the look.

LED is also a good option these days. LED has come down quite a bit in price and the selection has increased quite a lot. You can now buy led bulbs that look and feel just like the regular incandescent bulbs you’re used to. Most are dimmable and will last you almost a lifetime before you need to replace them.



If I could use one word to describe the current design trends it would be simple. I know that doesn’t coincide with an actual style term but that’s how I would describe the current atmosphere. Each person will always have their style, that’s what they like, and they will gravitate towards that. Chandeliers, and lighting in general, will always come in a shape, style and size to compliment those preferences. Lighting manufacturers are really good at keeping up with trends and styles, getting inspiration and tips from other industries like plumbing and hardware.

Most of the designers we keep track of have gone to this design plan of simplicity, but also mixing different aesthetics and making them work in a cohesive setting. I love that this is happening…that we’re finally getting away from the “matchy matchy” days of old. No longer do we tell customers that you have to match every light fixture in the house. It’s better to design each room individually, while trying to keep a consistent theme throughout the home.


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